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Welcome :)

Here at Church of God of Prophecy we believe that God can and will come back to our earth. Moreso it's our job to bring them here. With the help of Rev. Brightmore we will make that vision a reality. We believe in a professional environment and a bright and sunshiny attitude! A smile on every face and love in every heart is what you'll find at our Meridian location in Mississippi, United States of America, God's kingdom. Please give notice if you are going to drop by for a tour. We are always open for visitors and new initiates. If you have been sent here by one of our evangelists, please look around and consider donating to help our humble, but noble cause. :)

Reminder :)

Every wednesday our evangelists go out on missions door-to-door. If you see any of our friends please give them a smile and the encouragement to keep at it! Our members work very hard to recruit fine newcomers from your community and need your support. Long days in the sun, sleet, and snow make them weary and we don't want their faces to be marred by frowns, do we? So just give them a quick shout out and let them know you care!

Warning :)

Any defacement of property and assault upon our church goers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We have pressed charges in the past and are not afraid of doing so again. Members of our communion include legal representatives who know what constitues as a hate crime and goes against our first amendment rights. Please take this into account when you think of trespassing, illegal recording, or harassing evangelists. Thank you for your consideration. :)